We develop core technology for automated driving

We are proficient in professional planning and decision algorithm And we combine deep learning with it

We have tremendous customer SOP projects experience,And we deeplyunderstand special traffic scenarios in China And we optimize the algorithm accordingly


Our Core Competitiveness

Core Algorithm

Sensor Data Fusion

Planning and decision algorithm

Control algorithm for actuators

Project Experience

Tremendous customer SOP projects experience

New platform development

Proficient in sensors and actuators interface

First-class Team

Professional automotive engineering and management team

China’s First group of ADAS / Automated Driving experts

Team members cooperate for many years

Customer Relationship

More than 10 years automotive experience

Good relationship with OEMs

Deep understanding of market and customer requirements


We provide industry-leading, stable and SOP-ready ADAS and automated driving functions

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    ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control

    Automatically follow vehicle, keep safe distance

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    AEB – Automatic Emergency Brake

    Warn the driver for predictive collision, automatic brake to prevent or mitigate crashes

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    LKA – Lane Keeping Assist

    Keep the vehicle in own lane, prevent side collision

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    iMo Pilot 1.0 (L2)

    Automated driving in low speed traffic jam situation

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    iMo Pilot 2.0 (L2.5)

    Highway AD assist, automatic lane change with driver’s confirmation

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    iMo Pilot 3.0 (L3)

    AD on highway or traffic jam situation, driver supervision not required


Outext-centerr Clients
Walt Song – Founder / CEO

MSc Electronic and Information Technology

University of Science and Technology of China

Founder of Bosch China ADAS Engineering Team

General Manager of KSS Active Safety China

20+ years working experience with

10+ years in Bosch

Our Clients
Calvin Lu - CTO

MSc Signal Processing and Communications University of Edinburgh

years working experience in automotive engineering and management

Department manager in Bosch ADAS engineering

Director of Innovations and New Ventures, Nexteer Asia-Pacific

ADAS / Automated Driving system expert

Our Clients
Christian Mueller- Chief Consultant

DFKI Automated Driving Competence Center,Director&Research Fellow

20 years research in automotive HMI/Simulation/Automated Driving

Father of OpenDS - global leading simulation environment

PhD Saarland University,Visiting Fellow of California Berkeley

Our Clients
Pokai Tseng –Director, Algorithm

PhD E&E, National Chun Cheng University Taiwan

Visiting Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

Post-doctoral researcher in Taiwan Central Research Institute

Automated Driving expert in Taiwan Automotive Research and Test Center

AI / Deep Learning Expert

Our Clients
Alan Li – Director, Software

MSc System Analysis and Integration

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

10 years experience in automotive software development

Software department manager in Bosch ADAS Engineering

Specialize in vehicle control algorithm and basic software

ADAS / Automated Driving software expert

Our Clients
Hong Luo – Director, Hardware

BSc Electronic and Automation

Chengdu University

10 years R&D experience in automotive electronics

Hardware design expert in Bosch Automotive Electronics

Lead new platform hardware development

Contact Us

iMotion Automotive Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. Room 301, Building 5, No.17 Dongwang Road, Suzhou Industrial Park Zip code:215123

Phone: +86 512 6500 1565


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